The integrated marketing


A well-conceived strategy is perhaps the most critical component of any business or marketing effort. It is the guiding force and anchor upon which decisions, big and small, depend. Your strategy will dictate messaging, determine media utilization, and how they are applied.

  • Brand
  • Advertising
  • Publilc Relations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Promotions
  • Research
  • Concept
  • Communications
  • New Media


Execution of your strategy is where hammer meets nail. Poorly executed plans are a source of frustration; more critically, they hurt sales, are a drag on growth and compromise the planning process. ErringtonIM will partner with you to ensure your execution is strategically sound, delivered coherently and on schedule.

This is what we do

Integrated marketing offers your business the advantage of consistency, ease of execution and speed to market. At Errington Integrated Marketing we use this advantage to design a strategic machine that constantly builds market penetration and brand equity.

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