Comprehensive, end-to-end MARKETING FULFILLMENT

Marketing Fulfillment

Marketing fulfillment is much more than warehousing and shipping. Truly effective marketing fulfillment must take into account inventory control, efficient purchasing and ordering, maintenance of brand standards, seamless management of high volume or seasonal activity, rapid response, general efficiency and more. These elements are involved in both day-to-day activity as well as time sensitive national campaign efforts.

Errington Integrated Marketing has the capability to take a strategic approach to marketing fulfillment that goes well beyond simple warehousing and logistics. With local, national and multi-national reach capability we have managed fulfillment campaigns of significant size and complexity. These campaigns require all of the elements, expertise, and attention to detail as do long term, everyday commitments but typically with a more concentrated and urgent schedule. At the back end our data analysis and reporting serve to ensure that quality and efficiencies continue to be optimized.

With years of marketing fulfillment experience ErringtonIM has developed and continues to improve multiple systems that drive efficiency, control costs, optimize technologies, and ensure timely and clear communications. For example, by analyzing use history, existing need, expected volume change, current cost and other data EIM helps to control expenses by optimizing purchase decisions.

We can contribute design, printing, and procurement services to any basic marketing fulfillment solution. This provides the significant advantage of a comprehensively integrated fulfillment solution working and communicating cooperatively within a fully compatible system structure. And that will make your life simpler, easier and far more manageable.

ErringtonIM has the flexibility, scalability and experience to comfortably and confidently operate on a local, national or international scale to meet any level of need including seasonal activity spikes across virtually any kind of network including multi location franchises and sales representation organizations.

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